Top 5 Most Loyal Dogs

It’s hard to believe what this world would be like without Dogs! While some can do without those wagging tails, barks, and poop walks it truly is a treat to develop a loving bond with a dog.

Thankfully in our lovely world, we have all sorts of dog breeds some are more feisty than others. It seems our domesticable friends never cease to be on demand by the many lovers of their kind. It’s great to have an animal to nurture, love, and protect. And what is of equal value to having a cute animal to lovingly dout on is having a ride or die dog that is loyal, protective, and seemingly just downright lovable in return.

Hence, if you value loyalty and perhaps even looking for a pure dog breed that fits your quest for faithfully devoted companionship then here you’ll find a great top five listing of the most loyal ride or die dogs.

Golden Retriever

Come on look how cute this fella is! It looks like this cutie-pie is smiling how can you resist loving on this dog? Golden retrievers are known to be the most loyal dogs to have yet with the proper care an adorable steadfast companion. Other than the golden color coat these dogs have Golden Retrievers are seemingly called, golden for a reason.

German Shepard

Don’t let a Shepard staunch appearance fool you this dog is not only protective but a Loyal tried-and-true breed. If your looking for a pure breed natural born dutiful dog that sports one heck of an intimidating appearance than a German Shepard is your go to. Its hard not to love a German Shepherd ruggish appearance with its don’t tale no junk attitude. What a interesting combo. Good Deal!

Doberman Pinscher

This list would not be complete without adding a Doberman Pinscher to the list. Not only is a Doberman Pinscher loyal and protective dog but they are also energetic, alert and seemingly fearless animal to have. With its chiseled strong build, Dobermans make for great protectors. Sporting a glistening blackish coat Dobermans can also make for great show dogs too.


Look at those big puppy dog eyes. How can you say no? Alright, maybe you ought to sometimes but this Beagle is worth having as a treat within itself. They are an energetic breed, excellent hunting dogs, and loyal companions. Really you can’t top that as the most desirable attributes for a dog to possess.

It seems beagles can also become very attached to their human pack
In fact, Animal Planet reports that the beagle “needs companionship, whether human or canine.”

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenean’s are calm, patient, intelligent, protective; strong-willed yet also equally affectionate dogs. Wow! what a combo of attributes. Pure breed Great Pyrenean’s have a gorgeous white fluffy coat and are a very courageous and devoted dog to have. A properly trained Pyrenean “mountain dog” can indeed flourish as a great loveable, loyal, and protective dog.

Well. that completes this list of the 5 most loyal dogs but there are so many other dog breeds that are worth mentioning. Feel free to share you doggy experiences below if you like to highlight that special loyal loveable dog in your life. Blessings!

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