Our Pleasant Interludes

Friends of Love

Night falls. Still and present we see each other standing before the other as the light shimmers in our eyes.

In the darkness we unite closer than ever sharing our thoughts, feelings, and deepest secrets until the daylight sun beams on our bodies. We are one now together talking our truths.

That’s what friends are for.

The Knight Time Drip

Heaven Cry-The passage of time leads to no other way but to victory. So onward christian solider until love grasps your being and you are made free by all the miseries all the dregs put upon you.

Blazing Glory

Photo by Nathan Hulsey

On a beautiful summers day a Father(Papa) and daughter sit together under a vibrantly growing apple tree. Both happily enjoy their freshly picked apples while they catch some much needed shade from the hot noon time sun.

Daughter- Papa. How were we before time stopped and the smoke cleared?

Papa- A batch of fools wondering in our own filth! Happy to be a slave. We did what we were taught to do rejoicing in all the folly this world could behold. There was sadness in many lands and hearts waxed cold as ice. Those who lived in kindness and love were crushed and oppressed until their tears, blood and bones cried out from he ground for justice. Our souls were weak but many were strong. We waited for divergence and a deliver came.

Daughter- And what did this deliver do?

Papa- He healed the land and the souls of man. healed the sick, Raised the dead, cast our evil spirits, and even brought people back to life. He lived, died rose again, and lives offering humanity a path to freedom.

Daughter- Freedom from what papa?

Papa- Evil. Pure Evil.You see child evil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. The only remedy to defeat this evil is to reject it by accepting the deliver who came to give us life and life more abundantly through him. He taught the world that Good always conquers Evil and How love is the way. The creator of everything sent him to us so he could wash all our ugly evil ways always making our hearts white as snow and even allows us to live happily forever.

Daughter- Wow that’s great! We can live forever?


Daughter- I love the deliver. What is his name?

Papa- Yahushua, some people call him, Jesus.

Daughter- I love you Jesus…Thank you for saving us! Did he hear me?

Papa- (smiles ) Yes actually, I believe so.

Daughter (laughs) Yay! [suddenly she jumps up joyfully spinning her body as she whirls into a celebratory dance before sitting again next to her smiling father.]

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