Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the Night where all things beautiful are made.

How can this be? You may ask. That’s an excellent question.

Above a clear night sky the stars bare their radiant beauty even in the midst of the darkness. In the dark depths of the night with the hours that close out our days newness sprouts in all its glorious forms to a newborn birth to the enlightenment of informative discoveries. All these earthly experiences can culminate into a glimpse into our current reality that can help us to thrive and grow…

Love Bound

Love Bound

You cause me….

You cause me to think and when I do I think of you.


Arising like the morning sun the reality of you sunk in until all my gloomy assumptions about you bled out of my soul.

All Stations Ready Rain or Shine

Rain or shine all stations are ready.

Come rain or shine…

Come rain or shine we are destined to win.

We are destined to win come rain or shine…We are destined to win.


-The Righteous Warriors in Christ.

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